Are you new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or just looking to grab some Free Bitcoin and other crypto?

I assume you’ve heard that there are free bitcoin and altcoins over the internet. Here I’ll be covering the most trusted and risk-free ways of earning some free crypto.
Almost all cryptocurrencies offer a free sample to attract new users and spread the word of their project. You might be asking yourself Why is that a thing?  For an economy to be healthy and rolling there should be people using it, and the best way of attracting people is promoting it via giveaways. In fact this is how Bitcoin got famous at first place. Bitcoin and crypto overall seem complicated at first but once you get used to it, it’s easy. You will understand why it is so secure, fast and people start liking it and adopting it.
While these simple ways listed here won’t get you rich quickly I can assure you it’s worth to try it.

How to Start and What do You Need to Get Free Cryptocurrency?

A wallet:

Of course every different crypto coin has it’s own wallet where you can store your coins securely. Here we’re going to talk about Bitcoin.
For Bitcoin I recommend the online wallets from or Why an online wallet? Because you don’t need to download a heavy local wallet. By using this wallet you will have access to your coins on every device connected to the internet.

The wallet’s receive address:

After you sign up to one of the online wallets, you can click on Request,

Free bitcoin receive address

and copy your receive address.

Copy receive address to store free bitcoin

First of all make sure your wallet is secured by following the steps given in their websites.
The bitcoin receive address should look like this: 1PscuA7QbXw9yxHof6wBsaAvz6F8qbwoXs

Getting some free Bitcoins:

Finally check the other pages in this website. This is the easiest step. For beginners I recommend starting off with Faucets, since it requires no knowledge at all. Of course I will make it clear to you in that section of the website.


I made this tiny website for you to see and try every possible way of earning some crypto. Hopefully this helps you and guides you.