What are the Bitcoin Faucets and Altcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin Faucets are the easiest way to grab some free crypto. If I knew about them earlier, I would’ve been focusing mainly on them. At first the rewards don’t seem to be worth it, but as the Bitcoin price goes up,  what you’ve claimed already also goes up. They offer free distribution of a coin.

How to Claim the Bitcoin Faucets?

All you have to do is paste your BTC Receiving address or e-mail address, fill in the captcha and click on claim. Different faucets have different timings to claim. For example you could claim one faucet once a hour and another one every 15 minutes. Here I’ll put the top oldest, trusted, well-funded and paying faucets.
I share my faucet rewards with my referrals at a 50/50 ratio, so if you would like to become my referral just click the link or the banner below.

FreeBitco.in – This one is the longest lasting faucet out there, it has easy/user friendly interface. First you have to register and after that you can claim once an hour. The reward scale is nice and you could hit up to $200 worth of bitcoin. One nice thing about it is that it offers a 4.08% yearly interest rate. The interest is paid daily and all you have to do is to hold more than 30,000 sat in your balance. The faucet features free lottery tickets and reward points. They also have a roulette, which I don’t recommend trying out or you might end up losing your entire free balance.free bitcoin faucets

The next section will be for COINPOT bitcoin & altcoin faucets.

They feature unique way of collecting btc/ltc/doge. It basically collects all of the following faucets payouts in one place. It’s easy to convert to other coins without any fees. I mainly like it because I can withdraw all of the payouts at once. All you have to do is go to coinpot.co and register there. Once registered, you can proceed to the following faucets using the email you put for your coinpot online wallet:

MOON FAUCETS – Can be claimed whenever you like it. Minimum wait time is 5 minutes and it keeps stacking coins for about 24h. I usually claim those once a day. As mentioned above they use coinpot online wallet. So claiming all of those with one e-mail address takes less than a minute a day.
They have been stable for a couple of years, featuring Daily loyalty bonus, which increases with 1% for every consecutive day you claim it and the mystery bonus which is a random multiplier from 0 to 100%.
1. MoonBitco.in – Moon’s bitcoin faucet. moon free bitcoin faucets2. MoonLiteco.in – The second Moon faucet out there.
Moon free litecoin faucet3. MoonDoge.Co.in
Moon free dogecoin faucets


The next step is to get an airdrop!