Crypto Airdrops

are a relatively new way for a coin to gain traction and users by giving a free amount to people who participate in the so-called airdrop. Usually these airdrops don’t occur very often and there are limited spots in an airdrop or a deadline but lately there is a boom. Some of the coins that are airdropped have a bright future, some of them might never ever get listed to an exchange. They are completely free coins so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover the amount of coins airdropped is often a nice volume and proportion to what the maximum supply is. In general it’s a good idea to check for an airdrop regularly. Crypto Airdrops usually have some rules for participation in them

Crypto AirdropsHow to start participating in airdrops:

One of the general things to do before even trying to claim an airdrop is having a registration. Bitcointalk is the first cryptocurrency forum in the world, and the most popular one. You will also use it to participate in the bounties.
Secondly, you will need an Ethereum wallet. I recommend using MyEtherWallet since it supports ERC-20 tokens and most of the airdrops happening right now are ERC-20.
If you don’t have a wallet you should check out: What is MyEtherWallet and how to set it up?
I also suggest a junk e-mail for registering to any sort of airdrop. Why?  Because you don’t want to get flooded with spam, do you?
Those are the three basic steps and after fulfilling them, you can proceed to participate in the airdrops.

In conclusion:

Rather simple than complicated, these rules might be annoying to follow through but at the end you will end up with a bag full of coins.

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