MyEtherWallet – The Best Ethereum Wallet

The best Ethereum wallet is definitely myetherwallet in my opinion. It has proven itself to be fast, easy and reliable. Here I’ll be going through it in detail and showing you why it is in fact not complicated but rather simple.
Here I’m gonna show you how to create a wallet in MyEtherWallet, and you’ll be ready to go claim some airdrops, do some bounties, buy ethereum and so on.

Setting it up is easier than you might think.

First step

You have to go to Always check for the SECURITY PROTOCOL. It’s highlighted in green and shows that this is the ACTUAL website. Many phishing website with copied design appear out of nowhere and try to steal the private keys of people who mistakenly wrote the wrong URL. The security protocol looks like this:
best ethereum wallet


Second step

You should take is to enter a strong password in the “Create New Wallet” field which appears on the homepage.
MyEtherWallet Create new walletAfter you create a strong password, you may proceed to creating the wallet. Don’t forget to save your password somewhere offline. I recommend writing it down on a piece of paper if needed.
The next thing that will pop-up is your keystore file.
best ethereum wallet keystore fileDownload it, and immediately put it on a flash drive of store it somewhere offline! This is the most important file in your life from now on.

Third step

Your private key. After clicking that “I Understand. Continue.” button over there, your UNIQUE private key will be displayed on the screen. You must write that down or put it on a flash drive too. Last two steps are the general ways to access your Ethereum Wallet, therefore you should be really careful and protect those two things. Sharing them with anybody could be fatal and result in losing your tokens/coins.

private key myetherwalletThat’s it. You have your Ethereum Wallet. You can click on “Save Your Address.” and use your private key to access it. From now on you can access this wallet by going to “View Wallet Info” and importing your private key there.

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